I Am A Business Leader

If you’re a business owner, CEO or leader in your organization, you have an amazing opportunity to influence and encourage your employees to create a better world.

And now is the time.

It is time for corporate and social leaders to take bold action, inspire greatness and collectively focus on a connection we all share regardless of race, gender, ideology or theology — our universal bond. This bond is the deep-rooted desire and dream to see a better world.

Around the world, more than 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty, 1 billion of whom are children. These people survive on less than $1.20 a day, and without the resources they need, the opportunity to stop this cycle of poverty is near impossible.

But corporate leaders like you have an amazing ability to be influencers and change-makers in our world. If you take action, others will follow.

Join us in our mission
to help children and families and become a part of something great. In the process, you will see an increase in productivity, morale, team-building and retention as we together work for a cause that unites us all.

There are lots of ways you can join the movement, and influence and encourage your employees to do the same:

  • Equip employees to sponsor a child directly through their payroll,
  • Support affinity programs and point-of-sale marketing
  • Invest in programs that empower vulnerable children around the world
  • Gifts or services in kind
  • Joint community initiatives
  • Be an advocate and example within your own community
  • The possibilities are endless…
To learn more about corporate partnerships, contact Andrew McNall, Holt International’s director of development, at andrewm@holtinternational.org or 541-505-5549.



Holt International is a Christian organization dedicated to uplifting children and strengthening families who are living in some of the world’s most impoverished communities. Together with our partners, we strive to empower families to overcome poverty and to reach their fullest potential.

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