Prepare a New Mom

It is a special time when a woman carries and gives birth to her first child. This is also the time when she needs the most support from her family.

But around the world, not all mothers-to-be receive the love and support they need and deserve.


Thuy was three months into her pregnancy when the child’s father left her without any support.

Although she carried her baby to term, she lacked the resources to see a doctor during her pregnancy. Her baby was born premature with low birth weight, and Thuy also experienced complications from the pregnancy. Because she had insufficient food to nourish both herself and her developing child, Thuy was also unable to breastfeed her baby, and lacked money to buy formula.


Uncertain about how she would care for her child, Thuy felt despair and considered placing her newborn daughter for adoption. She was referred to Holt’s staff in Vietnam, who provided immediate support to cover food and formula. After receiving counseling from a Holt social worker, Thuy decided not to relinquish her child.

Today, Thuy and her daughter are thriving. Her daughter has received all of her immunizations, has four teeth, can sit steadily and crawl. Thuy receives parenting skills training from her Holt Vietnam social worker. And most of all, she feels strong and confident about her decision to parent her daughter.

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